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Managing a fleet of equipment is a big job. It can take valuable time away from running your business. We can help you manage your material handling fleet and keep it running in top condition. When you let Towlift support you by managing your fleet, you’ll have more time to do what you do best—run your successful business.

Fleet Team can fleet manage all material handling and most warehouse equipment you own—we’re not limited to forklifts.

We fleet manage:

  • Lift Trucks
  • Narrow aisle warehouse equipment
  • Yard spotters/terminal tractors
  • Sweepers
  • Personnel carriers
  • Racking
  • Industrial batteries and chargers
  • Dock equipment
  • Scissors lifts
  • Much more

Fleet Management: Custom Solutions

Towlift offers three fleet management programs through Fleet Team. Each program can be customized to meet your exact needs.

  • Fleet Management
    Fleet Management

    With this comprehensive program, equipment, service, and maintenance are all included for one fixed monthly rate. You’ll enjoy the benefits of not owning the equipment; you don’t need to worry about accounting of the assets or dealing with stringent leasing companies.

    With this service, your company has the ability to upgrade or change the equipment as your needs change. Your company receives monthly reporting of your maintenance expenses. You also receive quarterly management reports that detail your fleet’s utilization, cost per hour, and all maintenance expenses, broken down by truck and by repair category. This enables you to understand exactly where your maintenance dollars are spent, and to identify any areas for improvement, including safety issues.

    When you work with Fleet team, you have a personal fleet manager who meets with you on a regular basis to ensure your fleet management program is meeting your standards and surpassing your expectations.

  • Total Maintenance
    Total Maintenance
    This program covers service and maintenance on equipment that your company owns or is financing. The service is available at a flat monthly rate, for a three-to-five year period. This service includes monthly and quarterly reporting. There is no annual adjustment, but overtime charges may apply in certain circumstances.
  • Managed Maintenance
    Managed Maintenance

    This program covers your equipment’s service and maintenance. These services are included for one flat monthly rate. Any overage or underage is adjusted annually.

    The managed maintenance program can be customized to include only the types of service that your company wants and needs. It could include or exclude items such as battery, chargers, or tire replacements. Monthly and quarterly reports are included in this program.

Contact your Towlift Sales Representative for more information. Or visit our partner site Fleet Team.

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