Kalmar Electric ECG50-90 Forklifts - the power of a diesel


Kalmar 80 Volt Electric ECG50-90

Nothing but 80 volts of sheer energy is powering the new beast made by Kalmar. The ECG50-90 lift truck series is an environmentally friendly, counterbalanced electric forklift with lift capacity options from 9,000 to 20,000 lbs. The new electric truck has the power of the diesel forklift, allowing you to use it for heavy industrial applications.  The Kalmar electric is designed to reduce cost of ownership while improving safety and environmental performance without reducing productivity as well as emitting no harmful emissions resulting in a cleaner, more enjoyable ride.

A Pleasure to Ride and a Pleasure to Maintain

The new Kalmar electric forklift has a smooth and quiet ride with virtually no vibrations resulting in low noise levels which make this forklift perfect for indoor applications such as warehouses.  The ECG50-90 comes equipped with the Kalmar EGO cabin that provides industry leading ergonomics and perfect visibility all around the machine due the open design and curved front and rear windows. The highly responsive hydraulic system improves the forklift operator’s driving experience and precision.  The cabin can be fine-tuned for optimal operator positioning.  No matter what the weather is like, the power climate control feature makes the ride enjoyable whether it’s in the hot summer or cold winter. Along with the ergonomic cabin features, the Kalmar electric’s maintenance costs are significantly lower than those of diesel trucks due to less amounts of moving parts. Some comparisons show that operators save up to 50% of the costs it would to maintain a diesel truck. The Kalmar electric is equipped with the latest electronic systems that provide operators with fast diagnostics for and easy to handle, accurate troubleshooting. Kalmar makes it easy to maintain since all service points are easily reached from a standing position.  Further cost savings have been made by replacing the initial 50 hour service with a 500 hour service interval.

Energy Efficient Technology

The ECG50-90 has Eco Drive Modes that allow you to optimize the truck’s performance characteristics for speed, energy savings, or normal driving.  When Eco Mode is activated, energy consumption is reduced by 15% compared to the previous generations, ensuring your battery will last through a long shift.

Safety has always been a trademark for Kalmar therefore Kalmar has incorporated leading diagnostic technology that notifies the operator when there is a problem with the forklift, allowing the problem to be assessed quickly.  Since electric forklifts are quiet, Kalmar added a high intensive blue safety light that projects on the floor alerting pedestrians that the forklift is moving towards them.  All of this is to improve safety and performance without decreasing productivity.

Kalmar electric forklifts are sold through all Towlift locations.  Also visit our Kalmar page.

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