JUNGHEINRICH: Walkie Stacker - Straddle & fork-over models

Model: EJC Series

EJC B14-B16-B20 Straddle Capacity:   3,000-3,500-4,400 lb.
EJC 214-220 Fork-over Capacity:  3,000 - 4,400 lb.

The Jungheinrich walkie straddle and fork-over stackers are specifically designed for medium- to heavy-duty multi-level stacking applications. With solid steel baselegs and a strong, 0.3 inch thick chassis, these forklifts can accommodate a wide variety of pallet and load sizes with durability and strength. The stackers travel up to 3.7 mph even with a full load while the 3 kW hydraulic motor effortlessly lifts rated loads to their full lift heights.
Powerful, low-maintenance AC drive motor. Proportional hydraulic controls allow for precision placement of fragile loadsLift heights over 17 feet, with excellent residual capacities. Easily maneuvered with the handle in the vertical position by bypassing the brake with the crawl-speed button

EJC 220 Heavy-Duty Walkie Stacker is the newest addition to the series of walk-stackers. This 4,000 lb. (2000 kg) capacity fork-over, base leg stacker can travel up to 3.7 mph with a full load while the 3 kW hydraulic motor effortlessly lifts rated loads to their full lift heights.   Offset control handle allows the operator to have better visibility when stacking loads at height.
Four-point wheel arrangement enhances stability.  Sealed motors and connectors help ensure reliable performance in a wide variety of applications.

These products are sold at Towlift's Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh locations.  For more information on these products, please contact your Towlift sales rep.

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