MITSUBISHI: Reach Trucks

Model: ESR15N2 - ESR23N2

Exceptional Performance
The ESR15-23N2 and EDR18N2 series of pantograph reach trucks combines advanced AC motor technology that optimizes performance while minimizing energy consumption. The hydraulic system delivers the fastest published lift speed in the industry (up to 160 ft. per minute). This results in a more efficient pick-up and placement of loads for increased productivity.
Excellent Load Handling
This series provides excellent load handling at high lift heights - reaching up to 450 inches. In addition, an exclusive suspended articulating axle evenly balances load weight for improved stability during cornering and when working at high lift heights, which allows the operator to smoothly and confidently move materials.
Enhanced Operator Ergonomics
The ESR20/23N2 and EDR18N2 series is designed with a spacious operator compartment for increased comfort and productivity. The reach truck's intuitive multi-function control handle, exclusive to this model series, maximizes operator performance by allowing travel and hydraulic functions to be easily controlled simultaneously. This series features one of the smoothest, quiet rides in the industry, improving the overall driving experience in addition to reducing operator fatigue.

Added Awareness 
The operator display panel features key information in one easy-to-access location. These features help operators remain informed and in control while moving loads through the facility. Productivity-enhancing options, such as an optional fork-mounted camera, lift height indicator and tilt position assist, help to improve operator performance in many applications.

These products are sold at Towlift's Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh locations.  Contact a Towlift sales rep for pricing and more information.

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