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Battery Handling Equipment

  • Automatic Transfer CarriageAutomatic Transfer Carriage: Used with a pallet truck, these units enable to you have a portable battery changer, that can be used anywhere in your facility. They come in a variety of model sizes and options.
  • Walkie Transfer Carriage: This is a non-powered changer designed for small fleet users. Excellent tool for lift truck maintenance and repair.
  • Operator Aboard extractorsOperator Aboard extractors: These are good solutions for large battery changing operations. Several models are available including a quad stack system provides optimum floor savings.
  • Gantry CranesGantry Cranes: These provide a safe and easy vertical extraction for most standard lift truck batteries. They are significantly more cost-effective than bridge cranes and expansion options are available to keep pace with your growth.
  • Battery Roller StandsBattery Roller Stands: We carry wide variety of battery and charger stands. Call us and will help you find the right one for your battery room.

Battery Room Accessories

  • Battery Safety equipmentBattery Safety equipment: Anything you need, we can source including spill kits, protective clothing, cleaning kits, eye wash stations, portable wash stations, and battery emergency stations.
  • Battery Watering equipmentBattery Watering equipment: This equipment will make it easy to maintain proper water levels in your batteries.

Dock Equipment

Contact Towlift Systems Division for your dock needs including:

  • ServiceEdge of Dock Levelers: An economical product ideal when trucks are backing to a dock and a full size dock leveler is not needed. With a simple pull of the handle the dock board will lift over the truck height for easy positioning. The mechanical loading dock levelers mount easily to most docks, and are available in a variety of widths and weight capacities.
  • ServiceHydraulic Dock Levelers: Designed for the most demanding applications with easy push button convenience for smooth, consistent operation plus outstanding toughness and dependability in your most challenging dock operations. They are most often mounted in a pre-formed pit at the dock commonly used to reduce the grade between the dock floor and the trailer bed. Various sizes and capacities allow for a large amount of flexibility.
  • ServiceMobile Yard Ramps: Expand your present dock capacity and create loading facilities where no dock exists, without new construction. Mobile container ramps, yard ramps, and dock ramps for trucks provide ground level access to trucks, railcars or buildings. They are easy to roll from job to job and handle freight with a forklift virtually anywhere. Maximum capacities to 30,000 lbs., available in either Steel or Aluminum construction.
  • ServiceDock Shelters: Keeping the weather elements out of your dock area protects your products and improves safety for your employees. There are a variety of models available. Call a Towlift Systems Representative for more information.

We carry more dock equipment: Call us for

  • Dock boards
  • Dock plates
  • Portable platforms
  • Rail boards

Guardrails & Bollards

Accidents happen. But you can improve the safety of your employees and protect your products from damage by installing protective guardrail products where needed. Towlift is an authorized dealer for Cogan, a manufacturer of heavy-duty products that will protect your people and products from collision damage from forklifts and other mobile equipment.

  • Automatic Transfer CarriageGuardrails: Cogan heavy-duty guardrail systems create a protective shield between your workers and your equipment. Read More
  • Operator Aboard extractorsBollards: Protect your work space inside and out from collision damage with Cogan bollards. Read More
  • Gantry Cranes Rack Protectors: These products protect your racks from forklift damage. There’s a variety of rack protection products including column protectors and end of aisle guards. Call your Towlift sales rep for more information. Read More

Lift & Turn Tables


Lift and turn tables improve worker safety and the overall ergonomics of the work place by eliminating undue stress and strain on workers, enhancing safety and minimizing injuries. The result is healthier and more productive employees. Towlift carries a full line of lift and turn tables in various capacities, sizes and lift heights. Call us and we’ll find the right product for your application.

Warehouse Management / Voice Systems


Visual Warehouse is the modular warehouse management solution designed to grow with your business. It’s a real-time WMS that makes accuracy, speed and savings a reality. Our software incorporates technology on all levels to support your demanding requirements.

Visual Warehouse is a full-featured, RF-based WMS that helps you manage inventory from receipt to shipment. Through the use of configuration options and switches, system behavior can be tailored to accommodate your specific business requirements. Visual Warehouse is a standard product, making your investment protected with regular upgrades and support.

Visual Warehouse’s modular design lets you optimize the following tasks; Receiving, Put-away, Inventory Control, Replenishment, Order Picking, Packing and Shipping.

Voxware Voice Management Suite (VMS) is an innovative, configurable software product that not only fulfills the fundamental promise of voice technology, but goes beyond that to deliver unprecedented adaptability, portability and scalability. It covers a variety of applications that can be configured in many ways, and thus tailored to your specific business requirements. Some examples are:

  • Orderpicking
  • Pick and Pass
  • Put to Store
  • Replenishment
  • Loading
  • Putaway

Towlift Systems Engineers assist in tailoring this product to meet our customer’s needs. To learn more about the immediate gains in productivity through voice technology, contact a Towlift Systems Representative.

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