Batteries & Chargers

Towlift is the authorized distributor of quality Hawker batteries and chargers. Interested in fast changing or opportunity changing? Talk to your Towlift Sales Rep about the benefits of this technology.



  • powerline

    The Rugged, Full-Shift Power Source

    Get the most out of your equipment with the POWERLINE series from HAWKER. Whether you're operating sit-down rider forklifts, walkies, or narrow-aisle lift trucks, POWERLINE will keep you up and running.

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  • waterless

    Concerned about maintenance expenses? The WATER LESS® battery is our preferred solution for customers looking to reduce watering problems and expenses without sacrificing run time or cycle life. Requiring watering just four times per year in normal applications, WATER LESS® combines the benefit of full power and reduced cost.

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  • energy-plus


    When your operation depends on a heavy-duty battery - a battery that can stand up and deliver even under the most punishing conditions -you can depend on the power of ENERGY-PLUS.

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  • top-power

    The Affordable Power Source

    Looking for a quality battery at an affordable price? The TOP POWER® battery from HAWKER delivers the power you need at the value you want.

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  • envirolink

    The Environmental Choice for Power

    Environmentally safe, technologically advanced, and virtually "maintenance free" sealed power. All characteristics of one battery. The new ENVIROLINK valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery by Hawker.

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  • Lifetech MOD1C


    Energy efficient, high-frequency smart chargers providing optimum charging, peak efficiency, and maximum reliability. The modular design offers built-in scalability, allowing modules to be added or removed for changing power needs. Each individual power module operates independently. Even if one module stops working, the other modules continue charging the battery. This eliminates the risk of catastrophic failures and downtime.


  • Lifeplus MOD3


    The LIFEPLUS® MOD3 charger has the highest conversion efficiency and power factor available in the industry, which greatly reduces electrical consumption. This highly adaptable charger has 5 different charging options available, including opportunity charging, to be individualized based on operator’s requirements. LIFEPLUS® MOD3 chargers can also wirelessly communicate to Battery Boss® WC to monitor and collect data for ease of analysis. The popular IONIC charge option reduces up to 25% of time and money spent on watering batteries. It also saves up to additional 20% life on the battery and allows for batteries to be warranted for 6 years or 1800 cycles.


  • Lifespeed MOD3


    LIFESPEED® MOD3 is the most flexible fast charger offered in the industry. This modular fast charger comes in a 6 or 12 bay cabinet. This allows for modules to be added or removed as needed while still delivering a constant charge from each power bay. The flexibility offered by modular design will eliminate downtime and accommodate your current and future charging needs. The charging profiles can be set to fast, IONIC, or opportunity charge options either manually or through Battery Boss WC. Using the LIFESPEED®MOD3 will ensure that your battery fleet is utilizing the most efficient and reliable charging method possible.


  • PTO MOD3 ™

    This high-frequency charger provides economical opportunity charging capabilities and an adjustable I-U-I conventional charging profile. The opportunity profile allows operators to plug in for a quick charge during break times. You can set specific charge parameters eliminating guess work for charger settings. The charger is scalable for future needs.


Need battery or charger repair service? Our dedicated battery technicians are skilled to handle all your battery and charger service needs including cell replacements, repairing worn and damaged cables, contacts, and connectors, and tightening up loose connections. We can also help you find solutions to your battery problems through Battery Data Recorder (BDR). BDR collects data from your battery which can be used to identify solutions for your application.

We offer a planned maintenance program where your batteries are washed and inspected. We remove the corrosion which helps improve the performance and lifespan of your batteries. The battery wash is done in a closed-loop wash station so no hazardous materials go down your drain.

Contact us to schedule service on your batteries & chargers.

Battery Handling equipment

We’ve got all your battery room needs. In addition, Towlift Systems engineers can design a battery storage area for best productivity and most efficient use of space. We carry a full line of battery handling equipment including:

Battery Carts and Carriages

Automatic Transfer Carriage
Used with a pallet truck, these units enable to you have a portable battery changer, that can be used anywhere in your facility. They come in a variety of model sizes and options.
Walkie Transfer Carriage
This is a non-powered changer designed for small fleet users. Excellent tool for lift truck maintenance and repair.
Operator Aboard Extractors
These are good solutions for large battery changing operations. Several models are available including a quad stack system provides optimum floor savings.
Battery Roller Stands
We carry wide variety of battery and charger stands. Call us and will help you find the right one for your battery room.
Gantry Cranes
These provide a safe and easy vertical extraction for most standard lift truck batteries. They are significantly more cost-effective than bridge cranes and expansion options are available to keep pace with your growth.
Battery Wash Equipment
This equipment will help extend the life of your batteries and reduce lift truck electrical problems. The equipment also complies with a variety of environmental requirements. Call us for:
  • Recirculation / neutralization systems
  • Mobile wash stations
  • Hardwood Wash stations
  • Battery wash cabinets
  • Roller wash stations.
Battery Safety Equipment
Anything you need, we can source including spill kits, protective clothing, cleaning kits, eye wash stations, portable wash stations, and battery emergency stations.
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