Forklift Tires - Safety Starts From the Ground Up


A lot of weight is riding on your forklift tires. It is the forklift’s only contact with the ground and so directly affects the stability and lifting capacity of the forklift. 

Once tires are worn, the loss of tread means loss of traction and an increased risk of accidents especially when operating in conditions with wet or uneven surfaces. Solid tires that are “chunked” no longer have

proper traction and should be replaced immediately. Worn tires also affect the forklift’s abilityto safely brake, safely accelerate and safely handle a load.

Note that you cannot just replace one worn or chunked tire.  You must replace both the right and left side of the drive or steer tires so that both sides will wear evenly and the forklift will not become imbalanced and at risk for a tip over.  Stability is especially important when moving and lifting loads at height.

Comfortable operators = productive operators!

Tires act as the forklift’s shock absorber. Worn tires have limited ability to safely absorb shock and so the shock is transmitted through the vehicle to the operator and the load. Chunked tires create a bumpy, uncomfortable ride for the operator and may result in product damage as the load gets bounced around. Operators will feel the difference a set of new tires make and appreciate a more comfortable ride. Operators who have less fatigue at the end of the shift are happier and more productive employees.

Extending forklift tire life

Things that cause tire wear include spinning of tires, running over debris, sharp objects, or rough surfaces; impact with pallets,racks and dock plates; overloading a forklift; leaving a load on a forklift while not in use; and even some chemicals will cause tire wear. Improving these conditions will extend the life of your tires. For tips on how to extend your forklift’s tire life, read 16 rules for longer Forklift Tire Life.

When to replace?

Rubber press-on tires should be replaced when 30% of the tire’s original tread rubber has been worn. For more guidelines on when to replace read: “When is it time to replace worn tires.”

You wouldn’t drive a car with worn tires, so why let employees operate a forklift with worn tires? Contact Towlift for forklift tires. We carry all types of tires for various forklift applications.  Some tires can even improve fuel consumption.  We install forklift tires safely and quickly at your location.
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