Review: Jungheinrich EFG 213-220, 3-Wheel Electric Pneumatic Forklift


Model: Jungheinrich® EFG 213-220 Jungheinrich 3-wheel forklift

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA)

Overall Strengths: Guaranteed 16-hour run times (on several models), low maintenance costs, enhanced operator comfort, premium cabin.


Basic Capacity: 2,510 – 3,880 lbs.

Maximum Fork Height: 255 inches

Voltage: 36v and 48v

Length to Fork Face: 69.8-78.5 inches

Chassis Width: 41.7-44.1 inches

Chassis Height: 79 inches

Gross Weight:

36V: 5,935 – 7,421 lbs.

48V: 5,947 – 7,343 lbs.

Overall Lowered Height: 77 – 109 inches

Overall Extended Height: 137 – 281 inches

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About the EFG 213-220

Pure Energy

The Jungheinrich EFG 213-220 series was designed to exceed traditional run times. This forklift is equipped with electric and hydraulic components placed closely together to reduce energy loss. All of this results in a forklift with one of the lowest energy consumptions in the industry. With this unique design,operators find that they can run the EFG 213-220 series for two full shifts before having to recharge in most of applications, which is backed-up by MCFA’s industry-exclusive 2 Shift, 1 Charge Guarantee.

Guaranteed 16-Hour Run Times

The Jungheinrich EFG 213-220 series feature a “Two-Shift Guarantee”. This means the EFG 213-220 forklifts run 16 hours (two 8-hour shifts) on a single battery charge without the need for interim charging, battery changing or an additional battery in most applications. Warehouse
managers know that there is nothing more frustrating than having to stop a shift early because their forklift battery dies.

Ergonomic Design

The EFG’s operator compartment is designed to keep lift truck operators comfortable and productive during their shift. Some key highlights of the forklift’s ergonomic design include:

  • Low-effort and fully-adjustable electric power
    steering. The steering wheel has 4 turns -- lock-to-lock
    -- and includes telescope and tilt adjustments.
  • More leg room and less steering-related noise
    with the elimination of hydraulic components in the leg area.
  • A 4” HD full color display screen that is easy-to-read
    and intuitive, helping to increase operator awareness.

  • A one-point adjustable armrest mounted on the seat with convenient storage compartment that includes USB port. SoloPILOT fingertip controls are standard. DuoPILOT and multiPILOT controls are optional based on customer preference.

  • Smooth and comfortable ride on uneven or rough floors with the combination of a full-suspension seat, floating cabin and super elastic tires.

Reduced Maintenance Requirements

One of the key advantages of the EFG 213-220 forklift series is its low maintenance requirements and its low overall total cost of ownership. The motors, braking system and other components are designed for reduced maintenance, which can significantly lower the overall costs for the life of the forklift.

The EFG 2 series is also backed by the Jungheinrich Parts Fast or Parts Free Guarantee, which ensures next-business-day delivery of parts by 5:00 p.m., or they are free.

Versatile Forklift

The EFG 213-220 model family is a highly versatile series of electric counterbalance forklifts, covering a wide range of material handling needs for warehouses.

Additional strengths of the EFG 213-220 series include:      

  • Ability to operate both indoors and out     
  • Performs well in cold, wet or extreme conditions.
  • The entire forklift is protected against dust and water and is rated IP54, including motors, controllers and electrical components.

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Learn more about the Jungheinrich EFG 213-220 from MCFA’s website or contact
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