Driving Innovation Road Show: June 6 - 20, 2018



Jungheinrich® is driving across America to show businesses the superior engineering of the EFG 2 Series, 3-wheel electric pneumatic forklift. 

Proven to run longer, this forklift is backed by a 2 Shifts on 1 Charge Guarantee.

Experience the EFG 2 difference during the Road Show Event:

  • Up to 16 hours runtime on one charge
  • 4th generation AC technology
  • Smooth drive and curve control
  • Excellent operator comfort
  • Superior maneuverability in narrow aisle.

    Be a part of this exciting nation-wide Driving Innovations Road Show event!  You'll learn about the latest in AC technology, total cost of ownership, safety features and more. Your operators will experience the smooth operation while test driving the truck. 

    Register for the Road Show truck to stop at your business.  

    Cleveland area:  June 6 – 8
    Columbus area:  June 11 - 20
  • Spots are limited. Register today.



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