Pallet Trucks Towlift sells a full line of pallet trucks, also known as walkies or electric jacks.  They come in several varieties:
Hand pallet trucks - These are economical, non-powered pallet jacks with capacities up to 5,000.  They are often used in retail environments.  They are good for moving loads a short distance on even surfaces.  
Walkies - This is a powered pallet truck commonly used in the loading dock area to loading and unload trailers.  Very maneuverable inside of trailers, and good for a limited travel area.
Walk-riders - Recommended if the forklift operator needs to take a load from the dock area to another part of the building.  These provide the operator a standing platform to ride on for quick transport.
Walk-stackers:  These models have a small mast allowing the operator to put away a load on a low level rack.  
See the models we sell listed below. Product brands vary by Towlift location. Click on the model for more information, or call your Towlift Sales Representative.

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