JUNGHEINRICH: 2,600 - 4,400 lb. Capacity Electric Fork-Over & Straddle Stand-On & Pedestrian Stackers

Model: EJC 212-220 & EJC 212b-220b

The Jungheinrich walkie straddle and fork-over stackers are specifically designed for medium- to heavy-duty multi-level stacking applications. With solid steel baselegs and a strong, 0.3 inch thick chassis, these 2,600-4,400 lb. capacity forklifts can accommodate a wide variety of pallet and load sizes with durability and strength. The stackers travel up to 3.6 mph even with a full load while the 3 kW hydraulic motor effortlessly lifts rated loads to their full lift heights.


Powerful, low-maintenance AC drive motor

Proportional hydraulic controls allow for precision placement of fragile loads

Lift heights over 19 feet make it ideal for stacking and retrieval

Fork-over and straddle version designs provide excellent flexibility




Optional 2-inch display functions as a central display and setting instrument to keep operator aware of truck status at all times

Large, red emergency cut-off switch enables quick, intuitive shut down of forklift in case of emergency


Energy Efficiency

The lift truck battery combined with the energy-efficient 3-phase AC technology provides long operating time

Energy Efficiency


The electric tiller steering is precise and allows for easy control and fatigue-free operation

Lift and lower controls combined on a rocker switch for convenient operation in virtually any handle position


Total Cost Of Ownership

Low maintenance 3-phase AC drive motor

Easy access to all forklift components through a durable front cover

Total Cost Of Ownership


ModelBasic Capacity (lbs)Maximum Fork HeightLength To Fork FaceChassis Width (in)Chassis Height (in)Gross Weight (lbs)
EJC 212b2,600114.245.243.3136.62,348
EJC 214b3,000114.245.243.3136.62,526
EJC 216b3,500110.245.243.3132.72,526
EJC 220b4,400110.245.243.3136.42,601
EJC 2122,600114.245.231.5132.91,940
EJC 2143,000110.245.231.5132.92,291
EJC 2163,500110.245.231.5130.92,302
EJC 2204,400110.245.231.5136.42,661


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