JUNGHEINRICH: Walkie Pallet Trucks

Model: EJE 120 - 225 Series

EJE 120/120E:  4,500 lb. capacity
EJE 225:  6,000 lb. capacity

Easy to maneuver in tight dock spaces.
Specifically suited for loading and unloading trailers as well as transporting loads over short distances, the EJE 120 walkie pallet truck is available with three different battery compartments, the shortest of which, when combined with the compact drive unit, features a head length of only 19.4 inches, allowing the forklift to maneuver in extremely confined spaces.  The crawl speed button allows the operator to use the handle in the vertical position at a reduced speed.

AC Technology benefits
The pallet trucks are equipped with a low-maintenance, 3-phase AC motor with no carbon brushes.  The Jungheinrich designed and built AC motors, controllers and software are integrated together into an efficient system, that provides excellent energy management and longer operating times at any performance level.  This means you can move more pallets per hour, and get more hours of operation with one battery charge.

Optimum stability achieved with the optional ProTracLink caster wheel system.  
Linked via a cushioned torsion bar, it keeps both support wheels at the same height for optimum stability. This feature also helps reduce potential wheel damage during ramp operations due to its self-leveling adjustment, and reduces the chance of catching or damaging the lower support wheel on the side of dock plates.

Lithium-ion battery option is available on the EJE 120

EJE 225/225E Walkie Pallet Trucks
Capacity 6,000 lbs.

Specifically suited for intensive, high capacity, multi-shift applications, the EJE 225 walkie pallet truck is ideal for high volume distribution, ramp loading and transport of heavy loads.  Featuring SpeedControl, the latest impulse control electronics, this walkie provides stepless speed control via the drive switch and features roll-back protection on ramps.  The forklift's crawl speed can be activated via a separate handle switch for safe maneuvering in confined spaces with the handle in the upright position.  The multi-functional handle head, with state-of-the-art ergonomics, provides optimum operator comfort and safety through grips with hand guards.

The EJE 225 is available with two different battery compartment sizes.  The medium compartment is ideal for high use, 1-shift to 2-shift applications and accommodates industrial batteries up to 255 Ah.  Its short turning radius allows the truck to maneuver easily in confined spaces. The large compartment version accepts end-rider style industrial batteries up to 750 Ah.  

These products are sold at Towlift's Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh locations.
Jungheinrich Parts are covered covered by the Parts Fast or Parts Free Guarantee.  Ask a Towlift Parts Associate for program details.

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