JUNGHEINRICH: Walkie Stacker - Stand-on trucks

Model: ERC 214-216

This new, uniquely designed fork-over stand-on walkie-stacker pallet truck incorporates the maneuverability of a walkie-stacker with the comfort of a ride-on truck. The maintenance-free, AC drive motor is efficient and powerful. The powerful, electronically-controlled lift motor quietly lifts and lowers loads with the push of a button. The safe-steering electrical tiller provides easy handling that reduces operator fatigue. 

Key Pallet Truck Features:
• Lift Capacity of ERC 214: 3,086 lb.
• Lift Capacity of ERC 216: 3,527 lb.
• 24 Volt 3-phase AC drive motor.

Stand-On Platform

  • The operator has a comfortable ride with a shock-absorbing cushioned platform, making them more productive for long runs.
  • The platform and optional side arms can be folded in to work as a walkie-stacker in confined spaces.
Premium Ergonomics
  • High visibility allowed with a panoramic mast for easy handling and safe travel.
  • Electric steering leaves the operator fatigue-free and allows for more confidence behind the tiller and controls. 
  • Comes with storage trays, a large and a small holder, for the operators’ clipboards, papers, pens and paperclips while transporting loads. 

There are three different model options on this truck, sold at Towlift's Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh locations.

 Talk to a Towlift Sales Representative for more information.

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