JUNGHEINRICH: 2,200; 2,600 lb. Capacity Electric Sit-Down Moving Mast High Reach Trucks

Model: ETV 110/112

Space-saving construction, 4th generation 3-phase AC technology and a spacious and ergonomic operator compartment are the strengths of the ETV 110/112 series of reach trucks.  With its slim support arms, the 2,200-2,600 lb. capacity reach trucks allow for more space through narrow working aisles, creating more room during operation. Overall, these reach trucks provide the best solution for cost-effective stacking and retrieval at high lift heights and in confined spaces.


Designed with 3-phase AC technology for drive, lift and steering, the ETV series of high reach trucks offers several advantages:

  • Rapid acceleration, precise speed control and smooth directional changes.

  • Greater operational availability due to maintenance-free motors without carbon brushes.

  • Longer forklift operating times due to energy reclamation during braking.



These high reach forklifts feature patented mast-reach cushioning, with travel speed automatically reduced to crawl speed if the load is raised above the free-lift height.

Truck performance software can be adjusted to meet your specific drive and hydraulic performance needs or limits.


Energy Efficiency

Advanced regenerative braking recovers energy during braking – feeding lost energy back into the battery.

4th generation AC technology allows the truck to run up to two shifts on a single battery charge in many applications.
Energy Efficiency


The reach truck's spacious operator compartment combines comfort and functionality to improve operator efficiency.

  • 3-way adjustable full-suspension seat for maximum operator comfort.

  • soloPILOT and multiPILOT handles now offer a more intuitive control for operators.

  • The easy-to-read operator 4" LED bright-color display makes it easy for operators to remain fully aware of truck status at all times.

  • The sturdy mast and narrow, angled overhead guard promote good visibility to the load even in high stacking applications.

Total Cost Of Ownership

Advanced AC motor lowers maintenance costs by removing wear items commonly found in DC motors, such as contractors, brushes and springs.

Features advanced regenerative braking, which puts kinetic energy back into the battery while slowing down or reversing, thereby utilizing consistent performance and protecting the reach truck from wear.
Total Cost Of Ownership


ModelBasic Capacity (lbs)Maximum Fork HeightLength To Fork FaceChassis Width (in)Chassis Height (in)Gross Weight (lbs)
ETV 1102,20527946.217.486.25,644
ETV 1122,64627946.217.486.25,688
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