Cat Lift Trucks: 3-Wheel Electric Trucks

Model: 2ET2500-2ET4000

This forklift features the latest in operator ergonomics, advanced AC control systems, and customized performance.  It's 3-phase AC Technology makes this forklift extremely energy efficient. It can run two shifts on one charge in many applications.  

Applications:  This 3-wheel forklift is highly maneuverable making it well suited for working in loading dock areas and congested warehouse applications.

Electric motors protected to IP54 and specially designed options such as operator cabins allow these lift trucks to operate in areas outside of traditional electric forklift applications.

Operator Control & Comfort:

Curve Control - this feature automatically reduces speed while the lift truck is turning corners so the operator has control of the load.

Comfort features:  Electric Power Steering, full suspension seat and  optional fingertip control are just some of the features that will make the operator comfortable and more productive.

Cat Lift Trucks are sold at all Towlift locations.  

For pricing and more information, contact at Towlift Sales Representative.

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