Cat Lift Trucks: 4,500-6,500 Lb. Electric Cushion tire

Model: EC23N - EC30LN

 EC23N-EC30LN - Lift truck combines the latest in operator ergonomics and advanced AC technology.


  • Longer run times allow for working up to two shifts on one battery charge. Including a 3-phase AC technology and regenerative braking: Advance drive system, AC hydraulic system and enhanced electric power steering.
  • Pre-set operating modes are available to optimize performance and efficiency


  • audible and visual indicators are implemented to increase operator awareness and alert the operator to potentially hazardous situations.
  • An orange seat belt installed into the truck helps others to see when the operator is safely driving with the seat belt on.

 Energy Efficiency:

  • Regenerative braking is activated when the truck decelerates, changes direction or service brakes are used. The results of this braking feature include: improved battery life, reduced brake wear and minimized heat build up.
  • A two-stage hydraulic system installed in the truck allows for it to provide precise load handling, less energy consumption and fast lift speeds.


  • A seat fully adjustable to provide the most comfort possible for the operator
  • Fingertip controls allow for an effortless control of the hydraulic function, horn and direction
  • Narrow steering column feature allows the truck to be: easy to operate, tilt-adjustable, full-hydrostatic steering.


  • Two special application packages: Two drive-in rack options and freezer for intermittent use if the temperature is below 14 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A black up “smart” alarm is an idea option for cold applications and an alarm that automatically adjusts its volume level to best fit the environment
  • Some productivity options include: foot direction control, a steering wheel knob and rear grab handles with horn button.


Cat lift trucks are sold at all Towlift locations.

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