JUNGHEINRICH: 3,000 - 4,000 lb. Capacity Electric Cushion Tire Forklifts

Model: EFG C15-C18L

The Jungheinrich® EFG C15-C18L models of sitdown electric counterbalanced lift trucks are an ideal material handling solution for a wide range of industrial applications.


Take your operation to a higher level, thanks to their excellent performance and high efficiency of the EFG C15-18L series. Never settle for stopping a shift to re-charge your lift trucks.

  • Optimized runtime on a single battery charge
  • No interim charging required
  • No battery changing
  • No additional battery needed

Energy Efficiency

Run Longer - The EFG C15-C18L sit-down counterbalanced lift trucks take your operation to a higher level, thanks to their excellent performance and energy efficient design. The two-stage hydraulic system determines the optimum motor speed, resulting in reduced energy consumption and longer run times.
Energy Efficiency


The Operator Presence System is an integrated, computer-based feedback system uses both audible and visual indicators to alert the operator of potential hazardous situations.

When the operator is not in the normal operating position, the presence system electronically discontinues powered-travel movement and load handling functions.

When an operator is in the normal operating position, but the seat belt is not buckled, an audible warning will sound and a visible indicator will appear, alerting the operator.

Total Cost Of Ownership

With reinforced side panels and easy-to-remove component covers, you have quick access to service the EFG C15-C18L. And, with 500-hour service intervals, you can confidently move your business forward.

500-Hour Service Intervals

  • Lower overall cost of ownership
  • Increased uptime

Easy Serviceability

  • Tool-free access to key service components
  • Display-based maintenance reminders
Total Cost Of Ownership


Adjustable Comfort – spacious operator compartment that combines superior comfort and functionality allows for increased operator efficiency.

Standard Adjustable – The full-suspension vinyl seat can be easily adjusted to suit operators’ unique preferences.

Lithium-ion Package Advantages


  • Fast charging with no need for battery exchanges
  • Maintenance-free with no odors from gases or acidification
  • Longer service life compared to lead-acid batteries
  • Charging can be interrupted at anytime
  • 5-year battery warranty included
Lithium-ion Package Advantages


ModelBasic Capacity (lbs)Maximum Fork HeightLength To Fork FaceChassis Width (in)Chassis Height (in)Gross Weight (lbs)
EFG C153,0002177837866,270
EFG C183,5002177837866,790
EFG C18L4,0002178139867,370
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