JUNGHEINRICH: EFG 213-220 Electric 3-Wheel lift trucks

Model: EFG 213-220

These 2,500-4,000 lb. capacity lift trucks are equipped with the newest generation of AC technology and offer numerous advantages like minimal energy consumption. Industry-leading drive and lift performance levels and the ability to run up to two shifts on a single battery charge in most applications results in lower maintenance requirements and a lower overall cost of ownership.

Run 2 Shifts On 1 Charge.

Jungheinrich® is now offering a game-changing guarantee on the 3,000 - 4,000 lb. 48-volt three-wheel counterbalance trucks. These lift trucks are guaranteed to run two full shifts without stopping to charge the battery – for five years. If your forklift doesn’t perform to this standard, we’ll cover the cost of a new battery to ensure it does.

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<font color="black">Run 2 Shifts On 1 Charge.</font><br>GUARANTEED.</font>

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The Jungheinrich EFG 220 three-wheel electric forklift leads the industry in run time, allowing your operators to successfully get through two shifts on a single battery charge. See the Jungheinrich EFG 220's advanced features, such as exceptional run times and easy-to-use controls.


With market-leading top speed performance levels, these forklifts are more productive than competitive models.

Runs two shifts on a single battery charge in most applications (guaranteed with 3,000-4,000 lb. capacity 48-volt models).


Curve Control automatically reduces speed while turning corners, helping to ensure control over loads.

Multiple warning and light options increase awareness and visibility in the warehouse.

Orange seat belt helps increase awareness and easy visual verification.

Truck performance software can be adjusted to meet your specific drive and hydraulic performance needs or limits.


Energy Efficiency

Experience energy efficiency with Jungheinrich's powerful 4th generation, 3-phase AC technology.

Delivers longer run times - two shifts on one battery charge - to maximize productivity while keeping operation costs low.

"Lost energy" is kept to a minimum because of electric and hydraulic components placed closely together, optimizing the forklift's efficiency.
Energy Efficiency


Electronic hydraulic controls offer the highest level of operational ease.

SOLO- or MULTI-PILOT hydraulic controls are available to match operational preferences of operators to maximize their productivity.

The full-suspension seat helps to cushion the operator from vibrations and bumps when traveling over uneven surfaces.

Electric power steering (optional on some models) allows the operator to maneuver the truck with very little effort.

Total Cost Of Ownership

Sealed electrical components mean that dust and moisture will not impact the truck’s performance.

The forklift's CAN-Bus system verifies that components are properly functioning for greater uptime.
Total Cost Of Ownership

Lithium-ion Package Advantages


  • Fast charging with no need for battery exchanges
  • Maintenance-free with no odors from gases or acidification
  • Longer service life compared to lead-acid batteries
  • Charging can be interrupted at anytime
  • 5-year battery warranty included
Lithium-ion Package Advantages

Watch Customer Review

Jasper Engines, the largest U.S. remanufacturer of gas and diesel engines and transmissions, relies on their fleet of Jungheinrich EFG 2 internal combustion forklifts to move their product. See how the Jungheinrich forklifts postively impacted their operation - from increased productivity and reliability to longer run times.


ModelBasic Capacity (lbs)Maximum Fork HeightLength To Fork FaceChassis Width (in)Chassis Height (in)Gross Weight (lbs)
EFG 2132,51025570.041.780.45,935
EFG 216k3,10021674.341.780.46,523
EFG 2163,10025578.541.780.46,654
EFG 218k3,49025574.344.180.47,143
EFG 2183,49025678.544.180.47,035
EFG 2203,88025578.544.180.47,421
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