JUNGHEINRICH: EFG 535-S50 Electric Sitdown

Model: EFG 535 - S50


The newest generation of Jungheinrich's 3-phase AC technology offers numerous advantages for electric counterbalanced forklifts, such as high performance due to higher motor torque and energy efficiency. Major electrical components are sealed, including connectors,controllers, motors and more, preparing this series for even the toughest environments. 

The EFG 535 – 550 has superior operator comfort that allows for relaxed and productive operation particularly beneficial at the end of long shifts.  Operators will experience an extremely
comfortable ride on rough or uneven floors with the combination of solid pneumatic tires, a full suspension seat and floating cabin. With its low, wide step with slip resistant tread for easy entry and exit it has an outstanding view thanks to an innovative overhead guard design and optimized must channel resting and hose routing. 

The maintenance free braking system:

  • Regenerative braking with the traction motor, allows for smooth, energy efficient deceleration. 
  • Automatically engaging parking brake for secure stopping even on ramps
  • Multiple wet disc brakes are highly sealed for extreme durability in harsh environments.
Junghenrich’s new generation of three phase AC motors will impress providing quiet and precise operation at all speeds:
  • High torque for faster operation cycles
  • Lifetime lubrication of main components
  • Motor, brake and gears are integrated into the sealed drive axle
  • Dust and water protection to IP54
EFG Series features a comprehensive control system that includes these safety features;
  • Deactivates all hydraulic functions when the operation seat is not occupied
  • No roll back on ramps or inclines with the automatic parking brake even when the vehicle is switched off.    
  • Automatic progress reduction of the driving speed during covering with Junghenrich curve control. 
This product is sold at Towlift's Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh locations.  For more information about this truck, pricing and leasing information, contact your Towlift Sales Office.

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