JUNGHEINRICH: EFG C23-C30L, Electric 4,500 - 6,500

Model: EFG C23 - EFG C30L

EFG C23-C30L - These tucks are ideal for a wide range of industrial needs.



  • An advanced drive system has been added to this truck including rapid speed acceleration, and precise speed control.
  • Performance features can be customized for ultimate control
  • The all AC Hydraulic System provides smooth load handling and precise load placement with hydraulic cushioning built into
    the mast to minimize unnecessary shocks to the truck.
  • Enhanced Hydro-static steering helps with more precise control and more operator room due to a compact steering column.


  • Optimized performance in large part to the 5 pre-programmed operating modes.
  • An operator presence activates when the seat belt is not fastened during operation. Audible and visual indicators help to increase operator awareness.

Energy Efficiency:

  • The trucks can now run up to 2 shifts on one battery charge


  • The spacious operator compartment allows for maximum comfort for the operator boosting efficiency and productivity.
  • The full-suspension vinyl seat is fully adjustable for the operator’s preferences
  • Fingertip controls boost comfort and productivity with an added horn and directional control for additional security

Total Cost of Ownership:

  • Lower cost of ownership with 500-hour service intervals
  • Easy-to-remove components of the truck allows for quick and simple maintenance repairs


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