LINDE: 5,000 - 7,000 lb. Electric Solid Pneumatic Tire

Model: RX60-25-30L

Versatile & Energy Efficient
Both indoor and outdoor operations are no problem for the RX60. When equipped with a full cab and an electric heater, the RX60 functions in inclement weather like an engine truck. On the other hand, fitted with cold storage equipment, it also will work in freezers with temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.  
While versatile in a variety of operating conditions the truck is also very efficient. With the highly effective energy return system, battery life can be extended by up to 15%. All high voltage components are mounted inside the counterweight. This design limits energy use while simultaneously extending component life.  
With the "BlueZone" button pushed, the truck control system will automatically adjust operational parameters according toapplication specific usage. This system can save up to 20% energy,without sacrificing performance.  

Low Maintenance
All machines require periodic maintenance but the RX60 needs it only every1000 hours. Design features like automatic deceleration, dual independent CAN-bus control systems, maintenance free brakes and continuous on-board diagnostics make it even easier to keep the RX60 in perfect working condition. The three phase AC system operates without brushes and is completely sealed, extending component life and reducing maintenance expense.
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