CAT LIFT TRUCKS: 3,000-7,000 lb, IC, Pneumatic Tire

Model: GP15N-GP35N / DP20N-DP35N

High Performing, DURABLE AND RELIABLE Forklifts from Cat Lift Trucks.
The GP15N/GP35N heart-of-the-line forklifts will move 10,400 more loads per year than the leading competition*. They are built to push through the hardest work days to help you move more – all day, every day – by offering dependable performance, rugged durability and world-class support from Towlift. The DP20N-DP35N diesel models are designed with cutting edge emissions technologies to comply with EPA Tier 4 final requirements. 

Check out these features:

Corrugated Fin Radiator – The cooling system in this series is equipped with an aluminum core corrugated fin radiator that resists corrosion and more efficiently transfers heat. The result is a cooler running truck for greater reliability and longer run times.
• Cyclone Air Filter and High Position Air Intake –The air intake system draws from higher levels where contamination is less likely, while the air filter reduces the risk of dirt entering the engine compartment and contaminating the engine oil. In addition to minimizing the risk of mechanical failure, it also reduces NOx emissions and particulate matter or soot, lowers fuel consumption, and increases power output.
• Engine Protection System – Display-based indicators immediately notify the operator when vital fluids are low or engine maintenance is required, resulting in greater uptime while helping to prevent more costly maintenance.
• Underbelly Screen – Easily installed as an added protection from dirt and debris, the underbelly screen protects the truck’s fan guard blades and bearings to keep the truck running at peak performance. It also offers quick access for oil changes and regular maintenance.
• Durable Mast – Narrow flanges and 45° canted hoses and chains enhance visibility through the mast while the deep webs and six load rollers offer added strength and rigidity. Two contact points between the channels and the load rollers increase the mast’s ability to handle side thrust forces while the side thrust rollers help maintain alignment.

Quality Features that increase your forklift operator's awareness and productivity:

  • Presence Detection System (PDS) helps protect operators and loads by disengaging transmission and hydraulic functions when the operator leaves the normal seated position or the parking brake is not set.
  • LED front work lights and rear combination lights burn brighter and last longer than conventional lights
  • Excellent travel speeds and powerful acceleration for greater productivity
  • Superior lift and lower speeds result in lower cycle times.
  • Single speed Powershift transmission provides high levels of torque to power the truck, while offering a smoother ride.
  • Hydraulic power steering provides exceptionally lower steering effort than conventional steering systems.
  • Informative LED/LCD display panel is mounted to the steering column and keeps operators informed.
Operator Comfort Features:
  • Full-suspension vinyl seat resists shock and vibration.
  • Generous floor area with through-the-floor pedal design, which helps promote natural motion
  • Return-to-set memory tilt steering column remembers operator preferences
  • Ergonomic controls are conveniently placed for easy access.

Available Options: 
  • Fingertip hydraulic controls - offer precise control with near effortless motion
  • Full-suspension swivel seat - turns 12° to the right, allowing more natural movement for the operator when traveling in reverse.
  • Swing down LP tank bracket - helps significantly reduce the effort it takes for an operator to change an LP tank
  • Seatbelt ignition interlock - engine will not run unless the operator is in the seat with the seat belt fastened.
  • Closed operator cab - provides operator protection against the elements
  • Rear handle with horn button - better operator support when driving in reverse
  • Light and strobe packages for your specific applications

*Based on cycle testing in which this model completed four more cycles per hour than the leading competitors. Assuming 10-hour shifts, five-day work weeks and a 52-week year, these results can be calculated to exceed 10,400 more cycles than the leading competition in a given year.

Cat lift trucks are sold at all Towlift locations!

Contact your Towlift Sales Representative for pricing and lease information on this model.
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