HOIST: 22,000-125,000+ lb, IC, Pneumatic Tire

Model: P-Series

The Hoist P-Series lift truck is a compact, heavy-duty pneumatic forklift designed to stand up to demanding industries such as steel, concrete and port/intermodal. The solid chassis, AxleTech planetary drive axle, and robust steer axle are just a few of the components that make the P-Series the most durable pneumatic forklift in the industry. The low-profile counterweight allows for excellent visibility and unmatched maneuverability. The AxelTech planetary drive axle is specifically designed for high-capacity applications. Two 12 volt, 4-D batteries are mounted in the lower flip-open step compartment for easy accessibility. Isolated rubber mounts are inserted between the cab and the chassis which help to reduce shock and vibration. Some other features include tilt steering, lockable doors, easy-view gauges and insulated floor, ceiling, and doors.

For maximum performance, a forklift operator must have all the essential tools around them. The P-Series is designed with advanced ergonomics for maximum comfort and visibility.
  • Meets ANSI B56.1 FOPS operator protection
  • Isolated rubber mounts between cab& chassis
  • Finger-tip hydraulic controls designed to move within the full range of seating positions
  • Optional multi functional joystick
  • Key-lock doors and grease-able hinges
  • Exterior locks secure door in open position
  • Tilt-steering column makes for easy entry and exit
  • Adjustable air-ride seat and retractable seat belts
  • Low, non-skid steps
  • Insulated floor, ceiling and doors
  • Tinted glass to minimize glare
  • Front/rear wipers
  • Top glass shade with steel overhead guard
  • Cab heater with optional defroster and fan. Optional air conditioning unit available
The P-Series is designed with a wide-open mast and unique low-profile counterweight to provide the operator with unobstructed views in all directions. The P-Series’ two-stage, wide-view mast (optional three-stage mast available) is made with welded-nested channels with lift cylinders secured directly behind the mast rails and the lift chain and optional attachment hosing located inside the inner mast rail completely out of the forklift operator’s view. The standard low-profile carriage includes pin-mount, machine-contoured forks [located in low or high position] that provide maximum strength, visibility and no load damage. 

The P-Series carries the Hoist reputation of reliable and durable lift trucks. While some high-quality components are optional on other lift trucks, Hoist makes them standard for a true heavy-duty forklift and to exceed customer expectations.  Hoist’s quality line of lift trucks starts with a strong foundation. The P-Series chassis provides strength and durability by distributing weight evenly throughout the lift truck. The low-profile counterweight is designed to provide full lifting capacity while at travel speed. The advanced design allows the P-Series to be compact and maneuverable,yet strong enough to lift heavy loads.         

For more information on this lift truck, please contact the Towlift sales rep in your area.

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