MITSUBISHI: 15,500 lb, IC, Pneumatic Tire

Model: FD70N1

Mitsubishi IC Diesel Pneumatic FD70N1: 15,500 LB
The powerful Mitsubishi diesel pneumatic tire truck is known for its efficiency and dependability. The Perkins 854F engine and its turbocharger feature provides controlled, powerful acceleration in every environment it encounters.
Key applications: lumber, industrial machinery, garden supplies, fabricated metals, building supplies or stone and glass industries. 


  • Perkins 854F is turbocharged with its four-cylinder engine that was created to reduce fuel consumption delivering an 23% increase in efficiency over the previous generation. 
  • This engine is compact with its 3.4L capacity, but just as powerful as a 5.0L capacity diesel engine. 
  • Precise torque for optimal control over the acceleration.
  • Meets Tier 4 Final emission standards.
Powershift Transmission
  • Transmission Control Valve -  The solenoid valve is controlled by the Vehicle Control Module (VCM).  It is a key component to the Presence Detection System (PDS) that prevents signal from engaging transmission if the truck is not being operated properly.  
Drive Axle
  • The floating design absorbs shock in the housing, preserving the axle itself. 
  • The one-piece cast housing reduces potential leak points and directly transmits torque to the load wheels. 
Brake Assembly
  • Two pedal brake system comes with an inching function.
  • The duo server type provides equal pressure to forward and reverse drives.
  • The self-adjusting mechanism helps eliminate the need for manual adjustment and keep brake shoes properly positioned. 
Ergonomic Design
  • Full suspension vinyl seats that adjust and fully support the operator.
  • The noise reduction technology includes rubber mounted components that isolate noise from the hydraulics, engine, transmission and wheel wells. 
  • Tilt steering wheel is adjustable for the operator.
  • Electronic direction control is easy to locate and use for operator comfort and confidence in handling.
  • LED/LCD display panel included.
  • Optional operator compartment cab.
Safety Features
  • Integrated Presence System locks out powered hydraulic functions and travel if the operator is not seated with seat belt fastened.
  • Orange seat belts make it easy to see if the operator is fastened.
  • LED forward work lights standard.
This product is sold at Towlift's Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh locations.

Contact your Towlift Sales Representative for pricing and more information.

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