HOIST: 18,000-22,000 lb, IC, Cushion Tire

Model: Titan Series F180- F220

These are just a few reasons why Hoist's Titan Series Lift Trucks are in a class by itself. Used in various industries such as paper, steel, beverage and automotive, the Titan Series provides the necessary lifting capacity without sacrificing space. Advanced ergonomics give the forklift operator optimal comfort, reducing fatigue and anxiety. 

Some improvements to the Titan Generation II include:
  • Hook-on counterweight design to better distribute weight to the chassis rather than c-weight bolts. 
  • Larger hydraulic filter for more capacity and less replacement intervals. 
  • Larger capacity lift chains. 
  • Access panels to easily reach service points. 
  • Engine hood modified for easier lifting,as well as new hood latch that prevents jamming.
  • Piston cylinders replaced with displacement cylinders, reducing leaking issues. 
  • Removal of overhead guard made easier. Sheet metal does not have to be removed. 
Not only is the Titan Series extremely eye-appealing, it has been designed and tested to meet or exceed current, worldwide regulations for stability,sound levels and safety. Hoist’s design engineering staff uses the latest CAD three-dimensional solid modeling technology to develop the highest quality lift truck in terms of performance, durability, operator safety, comfort, visibility and serviceability.  Hoist uses many of the same North American components throughout its product line to keep costs low and make parts immediately available 24-hours a day.

For more information on this lift truck, please contact the Towlift sales rep in your area.


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