MANITOU: 4-Wheel Drive Rough Terrain Forklifts

Model: M30-4 M40-4 M50-4

Model line-up:
M30-4:  6,063 lb. 4-wheel drive
M40-4:  8,179 lb.  4-wheel drive
M50-4:  11,023 lb. 4-wheel drive

Manitou's 4-wheel drive masted forklift line has exceptional all terrain capability to work in tough outdoor applications such as construction sites, mines, lumber and timber, and block and masonry industries.  Renowned for their sturdiness and performance even in very extreme conditions, the all-terrain Manitou Forklift trucks go where others do not. The Manitou was designed for productivity and are essential allies for your construction site. The truck's power and the manageability allow you to carry out your handling duties in complete safety. 

This line has a full vision cab with optional doors that can be securely folded back. It also has heating and ventilation as standard, and air condition that is optional. The ergonomic levers are beneficial to the user because it is ideally positioned to use the controls which are naturally located within easy reach.  Designed for ease of maintenance, when the bonnet is fully open you have easy and complete access to the engine, gauges, filters, and lubricators.  This helps to reduce the maintenance and downtime. 

They have a stage 3B Perkins diesel engine with a particle filter, a torque convertor that gives the operator a selection of gears suitable for high performance on all ground conditions, and its fuel consumption is reduced buy up to 13%. 

It features large diameter front wheels with good load distribution on both axles with central differential locking system.  Its width also ensures that the forklift truck has better stability for extra safety and lateral loading and have lifting height of up to seven meters.  

Manitou is at your side on any construction site!  These models are also available in 2-wheel drive. Contact a Towlift representative for more information.


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