JUNGHEINRICH: 3000-4000 lb, Electric, Stand-up Counterbalanced

Model: ETG 214-318

ETG 214 - 318 a design manufactured for maximum performance and operator comfort in small, confined spaces. 

Capacity 3,000-4,00 lbs.

  • Productivity: Multi-functional control handle useful for working three
    different functions at once. Along with 3-phase AC technology for the forklifts
    drive control, hydraulic and steering systems
  • Awareness: The floorboard contains dual operator presence pedals
    requiring the operator to be in a correct operating position for travel and/or
    hydraulic functions
  • Energy Efficiency: These trucks contain AC motors that feature an innovative
    design to use less energy and still maintain exceptional performance. This is
    done by advanced software and a new motor design
  • Ergonomics: These trucks include electric power steering,
    multi-functional control handle and an updated electrically controlled armrest
    with many adjustment options to fit the operator. The sidestance on this truck
    allows for great padding in the knee, back and elbow areas with a convenient
    location for the controls.
  • Cost of Ownership: The service compartment has easy access for technicians,
    making forklift services much quicker and reduces time spent on

This product is sold at Towlift's Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh locations.  Call your Towlift sales representative for more information on this product.


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