MITSUBISHI: 3,000 - 4,000 lb, Electric, Stand-up Counterbalanced

Model: FBCS14N-FBCS18N

The FBCS14N-FBCS18N series offers a stand-up design and is ideal for confined warehouse spaces.


Increased Power, Acceleration – Three-phase AC motor and high-output AC controller deliver greater power and quick acceleration.

Multi-Functional Control Handle – Allows operator to work three functions simultaneously, increasing productivity.



Dual Operator Presence Pedals – Help reduce risk by requiring the standing forklift operator to be in the normal operating position to activate either travel and/or hydraulic functions.

Performance Software – Can be adjusted to meet your specific drive and hydraulic performance needs or limits.


Energy Efficiency

Longer Run Times – Regenerative braking is activated when the stand-up forklift decelerates, changes directions or when the service brakes are applied and helps return energy to the battery, extending run times and service brake life.

Highly-Efficient AC Motor – Consumes less energy, leading to extended battery life and increased run times.

Energy Efficiency


Electric Power Steering – Allows the operator to maneuver the truck with very little effort.

Intuitive Multi-Functional Control Handle – State-of-the-art feature. This handle allows the operator to work three functions simultaneously.

Fatigue-Reducing Features – Built into the forklift's operator compartment, including padding for knees, back and armrest, padded floor mat and low step height for easy entry and exit.

Operator Comfort – Soft padded floor mat, footwell and padding for knees increase forklift operator comfort to encourage higher levels of productivity.


Total Cost Of Ownership

Zero Wearable Components – This advanced AC technology has no wearable components to replace, saving you time and maintenance costs.

Easy-To-Service – Service technicians can easily and quickly access all important truck functions and parameters with our industry-leading service tool. This leads to faster repairs by allowing technicians easy access to truck performance and diagnostics.

Durable Hall Effect Sensors – Designed to outlast the life of the truck, reducing servicing requirements and helping you enjoy a low cost of ownership.

Total Cost Of Ownership


ModelBasic Capacity (lbs)Maximum Fork HeightLength To Fork FaceChassis Width (in)Chassis Height (in)Gross Weight (lbs)
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