Stockpickers & Turrets Stockpickers and turrets are used in very narrow aisle applications with high lift height requirements needed in warehousing and distribution.  Some models are also available with Warehouse Navigation.  Stockpickers, also known as order pickers, are used to bring the operator up to where the product is located so the operator can pick the item off the rack or shelf.  Operators must wear a body harness for fall protection. Stockpickers can be ordered with a furniture platform to pick long loads such as sofas.  Turret trucks feature a mast with forks that the operator uses to either pick a pallet load, or to hold a pallet while building a load through picking. Turret trucks come in man-down or man-up models.  These products are available for sale, lease or rent.  See the list of brands and models we carry below. Product brands vary by Towlift location.  To better know which product is right for your business, ask your Towlift Sales Rep to do a no-cost application survey.

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