JUNGHEINRICH: EKM 202, Small Parts Order Picker

Model: EKM 202

JUNGHEINRICH: EKM 202, Small Parts Order Picker


  • Travel speeds up to 5 mph to reach a picking location quickly
    and safely
  • Mast stability permits reach heights of up to 17’4”, allowing
    items to be removed from racking as high as the third rack level, price tags easily
    changed and overhead lamps replaced
  • Large work station equip with ergonomically configured controls
    for simultaneous lifting and driving for operator comfort, excellent
    maneuverability and direct control of items on the racking


  • Automatic-close doors when entering and exiting the machine
    and movement allowed only when doors are closed help to keep safety at a maximum.
  • Door locks are only released when platform has been entirely
    lowered. This helps to avoid unwanted openings when the truck is raised
  • As a warning to pedestrians, warning zone lights are made
    available by illuminating the area around the truck on the ground when the
    operator platform is raised off the ground
  • The machine’s storage tray height can be adjusted to help
    with clear visibility while traveling

 Energy Efficiency:

  • These tucks are equip with an on-board charger for efficient


  • Optimal operator comfort due to padded doors and sensor floor
    mats so the stand-on platform can be freely selected
  • Includes a travel switch with thumb-operation made to be held
    in the right hand

Cost of Ownership:

  • Minimal parts and maintenance required for the chain-free
  • Maintenance-free 192Ah battery
  • Metal drive frame with no plastic
  • Rubber collision guard
  • Protected wheels within vehicle contour

This product is sold at Towlift's Cleveland, Columbus, and Pittsburgh locations.


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