JUNGHEINRICH: High-level order pickers

Model: EKS 314

Ask about the 2 Shifts 1 Charge GUARANTEE

The EKS 314 sets new standards in order picking, making warehouse and distribution centers more productive. 

Two Shifts - One Charge:

Maximize productivity by going two shifts on one charge!  The EKS 314 has a long run time of up to 16 operating hours on one battery charge, maximizing your operator’s productivity with more picks per shift. 

Safety Features:

  • Unmatched Stability:  Key stability features along with the advanced ergonomic design keep your operators comfortable and in control throughout their shift.
  • Jungheinrich® Curve Control:  Automatically reduces speed while turning corners for added security.
  • Full-Color Interactive Display Panel:  Shows key performance indicators and truck status information for increased awareness. 
  • Camera (optional):  Your operator has a clear view directly underneath the operator platform when elevated by way of a monitor and attached camera. 
  • Operator harness standard.  Optional 30” harness lanyard extension bar mounts to center line of overhead guard.
Comfort & Control - 30 Feet In The Air!
Rigorous testing went into making the EKS a first-rate experience for the operator – whether picking at ground level or 30 feet in the air. 
  • Electric steering: Reduces the effort required to control the truck.
  • Automatic Pallet Grip: automatically locks the pallet for a secure grip, providing optimum control of the load.
  • Intuitive Control Handle: Built on a solid base for a secure grip when moving loads.
  • Stable Platform:  Ultra-cushioned floor and a large operator presence pedal keeps your operator comfortable all shift-long.
  • Storage Totes:  Portable totes for operator to keep tools and personal items.
  • Side gates:  Smooth operation fold-up monitored side gates provide easy access to pick loads.
  • Compartment Options:  Dual fans, LED lights,  and USB power port – single or dual to power-up electronic devices.
Smart Performance Option:  
  • RFID In-Aisle Guidance:  With precise warehouse aisle recognition through RFID transponder technology, your EKS can be programmed to slow down/stop at the end of an aisle, and travel speeds can be customized to accommodate your warehouse layout. Lift and lower cut-out options are also a benefit, giving you added flexibility to manage your order picking process more efficiently. 

  • Wire or Rail Guidance:  These options are available with programmable performance features including travel speed and lift height control by way of an RFID aisle transponder. 
Quality Built for High Performance and Low Maintenance:
  • EKS 314 utilizes Jungheinrich’s advanced 3-phase AC technology to deliver strong acceleration, high lifting and lowering speeds and the industry’s longest run times.
  • Extended 1,000-hour service intervals, 3-phase AC technology, and exclusive Jungheinrich® field-tested components lower maintenance costs to your business.
  • Extensive stress testing performed on frame, platform and mast.
  • Sealed components provide greater longevity, more reliable operation and added protection in dusty or moist environments - minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. 
  • Experience:  Jungheinrich designed the first 3-phase AC technology system nearly 20 years ago – revolutionizing the way electric lift trucks operate. They continue to refine that technology ensuring longer run times and even higher performance levels.
Customize it for your application.
  • Cold Store/Freezer package:  Includes display with integrated heater and a wire mesh mast guard designed to withstand cold environments. 
  • Furniture picking:  This package includes various fork length options and a 30” extended tether pole, to allow operators to move across the platform. 
  • Other custom configurations include 24 or 36 volt power, battery compartment options, mast height options, fork length options, and operator platform width options.
These products are sold at Towlift's Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh locations.  Talk to your Towlift Sales Rep for more details on customization options for this truck.

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