JUNGHEINRICH: Mid-high level order pickers

Model: EKS 208/308 Series

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EKS 208 / 308 order pickers offer high picking performance in warehouse and distribution center applications. Both lift truck models are customized for their respective applications. 
EKS 208:  Load capacities up to 2,200 lbs. and order picking heights up to 236 inches 
EKS 308:  Load capacities up to 3,000 lbs. and order picking heights up to 402 inches  

Energy Efficient:  
  • These order picker forklifts run up to two shifts with one battery charge in a typical application.
  • Exclusive 48 volt electrical configuration consumes less energy and yields higher efficiency. Double benefit of energy regeneration – when braking and when lowering – and effective energy management.
Safety Features:
  • Sturdy mast design and mast supports limits swaying at high heights.
  • A full-body harness and shock-absorbing tether help protect the operator when working at high heights.
  • Emergency lowering brings the operator to the ground, should the truck become disabled while the mast is raised.
Ergonomics and Comfort
  • Spacious operator platform:  Features a low, 9.7” platform height, generous storage space, and outstanding field of vision through the mast.
  • Two-piece adjustable console for the operator, featuring a large informative electronic display of truck performance and status.
  • Interactive display with programming keypad for easy use. 
  • Easy, thumb-activated drive control. 
  • Control system (CAN-Bus):  All performance parameters can be adjusted to match the specific application needs.
There are a multitude of options available to match the EKS to your specific material handling application to better optimize ergonomics and productivity. 

The integrated Warehouse Navigation System
(optional) allows direct communication between the order picker’s control system and the Warehouse Management System (WMS). This feature allows the lift truck to be driven to all destinations under semiautomatic control. This results in easier operation, a reduction in movement errors and a significant improvement in productivity and picking efficiency. 

Jungheinrich Warehouse Navigation System Features (optional): 

  • Identification of the picking destinations within the aisle via the truck controller. 
  • Automatic vertical and horizontal lift truck positioning. 
  • High degree of automation optimizing truck movements for improved picking performance. 
  • RFID location detection helps eliminate picking errors. 
  • Links the EKS to a Warehouse Management System (WMS) using a radio data terminal and/or a scanner. 
  • High flexibility in the warehouse as the existing WMS can be modified to cater to warehouse modifications. 
  • Activation of the LED spotlights upon reaching the picking destination (optional). RFID floor control (optional) 
  • Truck location management by transponder technology. 
  • Continuous travel distance measurement for precise recognition of all warehouse areas. 
  • High flexibility for truck management functions (end of aisle recognition, lift/ drive cut-outs, speed reduction). 
  • Drive speeds can be customized to specific warehouse layout.
These products are sold at Towlift's Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh locations.
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