JUNGHEINRICH: Turret, man-up, high rack swing reach

Model: EKX 514/516k/516

Model line-up:
EKX 514:  3,000 lb. capacity
EKX 516k:  3,500 lb. capacity
EKX 516:  3,500 lb. capacity

Run 2 Shifts on 1 Charge GUARANTEE - learn more

Move more pallets per hour with the Jungheinrich EKX series man-up swing reach turret truck.  This high performance truck features energy efficient, maintenance-free synchronous AC motors enabling it to run for two full shifts in most applications.  

  • Intelligence:  truck tracking and behavior control via RFID technology.
  • Highly flexible model with modular construction and intelligent truck Management system
  • 80 volt, 3-phase AC technology giving powerful torque and high productivity 
  • Low cost operation through two-fold energy reclamation and effective energy management 
  • Ergonomic workplace with electrically adjustable operators console  
Safety features
  • Two-hand operation ensures operator stays within the confines of the truck during operation.
  • Sturdy design and mast supports keep the truck stable at high heights
  • Emergency lowering and descent will bring operator down to the ground is the truck becomes disabled when the mast is raised.
  • Optional Personnel Protection System senses if there is a pedestrian working in the aisle and will alert the operator, and slop or stop the truck as necessary.
Warehouse Navigation
Increase productivity by up to 25% by adding warehouse navigation.  Jungheinrich's exclusive Warehouse Navigation system uses the RFID technology built in the truck for pinpoint accuracy of pallet locations, calculating the quickest time or the shortest distance all while using the minimum amount of energy.   

This product is sold at Towlift Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh locations.  

Contact your Towlift sales representative for a complimentary product consultation.

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