LINDE: 2000-3300 lb Turret Trucks

Model: K Modular Series 011

Linde expertise in tailor-made solutions.

Linde’s expertise in designing trucks for VNA warehouses and its modular approach make them your company’s ideal partner.  With its three ranges, Linde has a solution for all situations. And using its exclusive VNAP software, Linde trucks can becustomized to meet your need for optimum performance.
The man-down ‘A’ range is designed for the storage and retrieval of pallets at lower heights. The man-up combi ‘K’ trucks are best-suited for storage and retrieval in high bay warehouses with greater throughput needs, but are also ideal for order picking, whilst the rising cab ‘V’ range are designed for dedicated order picking at ground level and above.  

K-Modular turret trucks are built to application specific quotes.  
Linde’s specialist VNA sales staff will work with you to identify the optimum configuration to meet your operational and storage needs and select the most appropriate cabin option, performance package, mast, battery and chassis size. Our staff can produce the drawings for you in your office resulting in the perfect tailor-made solution.

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