MITSUBISHI: High-level order pickers

Model: EOP15N3

The EOP15N3 was designed with extensive research from operators.  It is designed to help your operators maintain control and confidence when working over 30 feet in the air - which in turn makes them more productive and able to complete more picks per shift.  It features advanced AC technology for strong truck performance with low energy consumption. Overall this order picker delivers superior performance at an exceptional value.  Features include:

Security features:

  • Automatic Pallet Grip centers the pallet for added stability.
  • Control handle has a solid base for a secure grip.
  • Side gates are nested out of the way when in the up position for maximum access
  • Curve Control feature automatically reduces speed while turning corners and at height.
  • Electric steering makes it easy to control the truck. 
  • Increased Awareness:The interactive display panel shows key performance indicators in full-color.
Power & performance:
  • Advanced 3-phase AC technology allows for exceptional travel, lift and lower speeds.
  • Longer Run Times: A single battery charge can last up to 16 hours in typical applications.
  • Consistent Operation: Features precise speed control, creating adaptability for continued,consistent operation.
  • Sealed Components: Adds protection in dusty or moist applications
  • 1,000-hour service intervals – lowers your maintenance costs 

  • Advanced Platform Visibility: Allows operator to see under the platform to ensure the path is clear before lowering.
  • Warehouse Aisle Recognition: Utilizing RFID transponder technology,the EOP can be customized to your warehouse for more efficient order picking.
  • Aisle guidance: Wire or rail with programmable performance features.LED lights
  • USB power port
  • Freezer conditioning: Display with integrated heater, wire mesh mast guard and other components to withstand cold environments.
  • Furniture picking: Includes various fork length options and a tether pole to allow operators to move across the platform.
This order picker is sold at Towlift's Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh locations.  Contact a sales representative for pricing and lease rates.

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