MANITOU: Construction Telescopic Handlers - MT Series

Model: MT 1440 - MT 1840 H

Model Lineup:
• MT 1440:  
9,000 lb. lift capacity, 44’4” lift height, 102 hp, Powershuttle transmission
• MT 1840:  9,000 lb. lift capacity, 57’7” lift height, 102 hp, Powershuttle transmission
• MT 1840 H:  9,000 lb. lift capacity, 57’7” lift height, 102 hp, Hydrostatic transmission
• MT 1840 A:  9,000 lb. lift capacity, 57’7” lift height, 102 hp, Powershuttle Transmission, Work platform capable.
*Note capacity reduces at maximum forward reach.  Refer to product specification sheet.

Manitou, the oldest manufacturer of compact telescopic handlers, designed the MT Series Premiere for the construction industry where increased lift heights and machine stability are needed to lift pallets high up onto roof tops, or into buildings while working in uneven ground conditions. This line is known for its rugged, heavy-duty build and compact design.  Contractors use the telescopic handler trucks to move and handle loads in rough terrain, poor ground conditions common to construction sites.  These trucks are also used in oil and gas, and mining operations.

Truck Features:

Boom & Attachments
Achieve lift heights up to 57’7” with exceptional stability.  Numerous attachments can easily be mounted to the telescopic handler.  Attachments include:
  • ITA Fork Carriage - for moving pallet loads high up into buildings, unloading trucks, and more.
  • Buckets - for bulk handling of sand, gravel or other materials.  You can load material into the bucket without having to drive into the pile resulting in 40% more efficiency than competitive trucks.
  • JIBS  - For lifting and placing loads.
  • Platforms - Fixed and extendable platforms are available on the MT 1840A.
  • Remote Boom Control - available on the MT1840A. 
Standard on all models, the front stabilizers offer excellent stability when fully deployed and increase the lifting capacity.  They have excellent below-grade reach, and retract to the side which is helpful when you are on a cramped job site and or need to have the machine close to a building.  When not in use they retract within the machine width.

Operator’s Compartment

Spacious, ergonomic cab with automotive styling. JSM “switch and move” joystick controls and a multi- function screen.  The operator has 360 degree visibility with low boom mount.

The unit features three steering modes: 4-wheel steering, 2-wheel steering and crab steering.  This allows the truck to be highly maneuverable even in the toughest construction sites. 

Perkins 102 hp Tier IV-certified engine utilizes diesel particulate filter (DPF) technology.  The engine is mounted perpendicular to the central axis of the frame for easy access to both sides. The wide hood opening provides full access to the engine, gauges and filters for ease of maintenance.

Transmission Options
  • Powershuttle: Provides stabilized torque for traction on steep ground.  With a 4-speed gearbox, the operator can choose the ground speed that best suits the application.   Available on models MT 1440, MT 1840 and MT 1840A.
  • Hydrostatic Transmission:  A 2-speed gearbox provides optimal power and travel control for precise placement of the machine.  Available on model MT 1840H

These models are available for sale, lease or rent from Towlift.  Contact a Towlift sales representative for more details.
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