MANITOU: Construction Telescopic Handlers - MTA Series

Model: MTA 5519 - MTA12042

Model Lineup:
• MTA 5519:  5,500 lb. lift capacity, 19’1” lift height, 68 hp
• MTA 6034:  6,000 lb. lift capacity, 34’3” lift height, 74 hp
• MTA 6642:  6,600 lb. lift capacity, 42’ lift height, 120 hp
• MTA 8044:  8,000 lb. lift capacity, 44’ lift height, 120 hp
• MTA 10044:  10,000 lb. lift capacity, 44’ lift height, 120 hp
• MTA 10055: 10,000 lb. lift capacity, 55’1” lift height, 120 hp
• MTA 12042:  12,000 lb. lift capacity, 42.4” lift height, 120 hp
*Capacity reduces at maximum forward reach.  Refer to product specification sheet.

Overview and Applications
Manitou’s MTA Series telescopic handlers are built in America for today’s demanding job site applications.  Perfect for reaching up into buildings, unloading flatbed trailers from one spot and working on uneven, rugged ground conditions found at most construction sites.  Many attachment options are available for the machine to do different jobs.

Boom & Attachments
Durable four-plate box section booms can easily handle the rated loads of this series. The quick attach system allows attachments to easily be interchanged.  
  • Remote boom control system:  This allows the operator to leave the cab and control the boom remotely.  Sometimes the operator has better visibility from a location outside the truck, or even within a building.  This feature is available on all models except the MTA 5519. 
  • Self-leveling pallet forks:  This is a standard feature that really improves productivity.  The forks automatically level as the boom is raised, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.  Many carriage options are available including masonry and rotating carriages to fit your application.
  • Personnel Work Platform System:  This optional system allows you to use an ANSI/ITSDF B45.6 compliant work platform safety and efficiently.  When the system is engaged, the transmission is temporarily disconnected, the rear axle stabilizer is engaged, the frame leveling speed is reduced and the parking brake is applied.  A remove shut-off is located on the platform.  Not available on MTA 5519 or MTA 6034.
  • Buckets:  Optional attachment for bulk handling of sand, gravel or other materials.  
  • Truss Booms: Optional attachment for lifting and placing loads.
Safety and Stability
  • Frame Leveling:  This feature is standard making is easy to travel and work on uneven surfaces.
  • Rear Axle Stabilization:  The stabilizer cylinder locks the rear axle when the boom is raised 60 degrees or more, or when the parking brake is applied.  Optional on some models.
  • Outriggers:  This increases stability and lift capacity.  Optional on some models.
Operator’s Compartment
Spacious cab with choice of seats provides a comfortable space for the operator to work. Heated cab, and optional air conditioning for all weather conditions.  Great visibility to view all work areas. Easy to reach controls, digital display and optional tri-function joystick control.  

These models feature three steering modes: 4-wheel steering, 2-wheel steering and crab steering.  This allows the truck to be highly maneuverable even in the toughest construction sites.

The MTA Telescopic Handler Series are all equipped with Tier IV-certified diesel engines that provide superior performance.  Refer to product brochure for engine brand by model.  Accessible, tool-free panels allow for quick and easy maintenance.  

The MTA Telescopic Handlers are available for sale, lease or rent from Towlift.  Contact a Towlift sales representative for more details.
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