MANITOU: Truck Mounted Forklifts

Model: TMT 55

Unload flatbed trailers from one side, deliver this forklift to your construction site, or use it anywhere there is not a loading dock.  The TMT 55 is a truck-mounted forklift with a telescopic boom which makes it very versatile.  It is designed to work in rough terrain applications where poor ground conditions exist such as construction sites.

Telescopic Boom:
The standard long boom reaches 58” past the front wheel, easily reaching into buildings, over trucks and on to flatbed trailers which allows for limitless flexibility and increased efficiency. You can load or unload your trailer from one spot, saving you time.

Compact, lightweight for truck mount.
With only 57 inches (1448mm) of overhang when mounted and a low overall weight, the TMT 55 mounts to the back of a truck for safe and easy transport. It has a low overall height of only 96.5 inches (2451 mm) which allows the forklift to maneuver through low clearance doorways with ease. 

Tough design features high traction and the stability needed for rough terrain applications.
The TMT 55 are built to last with a strong one-piece unitized frame designed for rough-terrain use. It has extra wide, severe-duty, lugged tires that travel easily over loose, unfinished surfaces. An extended wheel base creates a larger triangle for enhanced stability. The sideshift system is built into the machine at the factory which virtually eliminates all maintenance complications associated with conventionally installed sideshift systems. Additionally, lift capacity is not affected with the Manitou sideshift system.  Hoses and moving parts are internally routed for extra protection. 

Equipped with a Kubota 49 hp, Tier IV diesel engine, this truck features an efficient and smart design for ease of serviceability, and reliability.  There is built in protection of hoses and moving parts and easy access to the engine through the large flip-up hood.  Electrical components are centrally located and isolated from the engine for protection.  Its unparalleled durability and simple design minimizes maintenance and downtime.  

Full Visibility
The operator’s compartment offers superior ergonomics and easy access from the side of the machine.  These trucks have an unmatched visibility as the view from the operator’s station is virtually a full 360 degrees with no mast to block vision to the load.  

Some of the TMT series standard features include; LED lights, backup alarms, sideshift, stabilizers, differential lock, service brake, and joy stick controls. 

Optional features include spare tire, turf tires, carriage rollers, drywall package and many others! Talk to your Towlift sales representative for more information on product options.           

For added traction, ask about these model upgrades:
  • TMT 55 HT - High Traction.  High flotation tires, 400 cc front drive and 750 cc rear drive motors.
  • TMT 55 XT - Extra Traction.  High flotation tires, 750 cc front and rear drive motors, and a larger hydrostatic pump.

These trucks are also available with 4-way steering.  See Manitou TMT 4-W page.

Manitou truck-mounted forklifts are available for sale, lease or rent from Towlift.  Contact Towlift for more information.
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