JUNGHEINRICH: 1,300 / 2,600 lb. Capacity Trailers And Trolleys

Model: GTE 106/312 | RW 0.6T & 1.2T

Jungheinrich® trailers and trollies are designed to move a wide variety of loads efficiently, with optimum ergonomics, long run times and reliability that customers can depend on.

GTE 106-312 Trailers

E-frame GTE trailers offer flexible, economical transporting of loads up to 1.2 tons per trailer. These can be connected as required so that loading and unloading can be completed on both sides. The central axle ensures optimum directional stability even with long trains and in confined spaces. The trailer wheels are quiet and durable, and can be used indoors or outdoors supporting multiple applications.   

The simple, ergonomic loading of the trolleys into the trailers can be done mechanically (GTE 106) or via electrohydraulic lift (GTE 312). When loading, the load is pushed into the trailer on a trolley and mechanically locked in place. The lock is simply released for energy-conserving and space-saving unloading.

The electrically connected GTE 312 trailers provide a high level of energy efficiency by converting energy directly in the trailer, as well as, separate lifting/lowering of individual trailers (optional).  

The GTE 312 trailers are available for the EZS 350 & C40, and the GTE 102 trailers are available for all tow tractors.
GTE 106-312 Trailers

RW 0.6T / 1.2T Trolleys

The RW trolleys are perfectly matched to Jungheinrich GTE trailers.  The wheels of the trolleys have optimized roll resistance due to the ball bearings and hard tread so they can be manually handled with ease. When raised in the trailers, the trolley wheels are not in contact with the ground, further conserving wear.  


Trolleys with four steering rollers are not automated in any way and require external guidance for movement. 

RW 0.6T / 1.2T Trolleys


The 8,800 lb. and 11,000 lb. capacity tow tractor has the ability to hitch several trailers together, providing added flexibility in most material handling operations. The forklift's high performance is due to the AC drive motor, which provides powerful acceleration and high travel speeds with significant energy efficiency, in addition to longer operating times and low maintenance.


EZS 570NA/580NA/590NA

The EZS 570NA/580NA/590NA tow tractors are versatile, economic tow tractors ideal for towing loads up to 19,800 lbs. The ability to connect several trailers together helps to provide flexibility and increased efficiency in most material handling operations. These tow tractors have the ability to work with the GTE trailers and RW trollies.

EZS 570NA/580NA/590NA


ModelBasic Capacity (lbs)Maximum Fork HeightLength To Fork FaceChassis Width (in)Chassis Height (in)Gross Weight (lbs)
GTE 106-3121,300 - 2,600 N/AN/A38.8 - 46.712.2 - 13.7429.9 - 652.6
RW 0.6T - 1.2T1,300 - 2,600N/AN/A33.7 - 41.513.879.4 - 105.8
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